July 22 – $1,350 Charity Event – Austin Blades

About the Charity


Austin Blades promotes physical fitness, self-confidence, family values, and a positive team-building atmosphere that will encourage personal growth throughout all aspects of life. Our program has an adult competitive sled hockey team and we are in the process of starting up a full kids sled hockey team here in Austin. The future of sled hockey is with the kids.


The Austin Blades is a non-profit organization ran completely by the players, board members and volunteers. We provide each player a sled, hockey sticks and 1 yr. membership. If any individual would like to come out and try sled hockey then we will let them borrow protective gear. Once they decide to join the team, they will be responsible for purchasing their own gear. We will assist if need be.


The Austin Blades Sled Hockey Corporation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.


Charity Event Rules

  • $40 suggested donation per entry
  • Entry / Re-donation stack is 18,000 tournament chips
  • Food orders receive 5K in chips, up to a maximum of 15K
  • Add-ons are available for purchase at entry or re-donation
  • One add-on can be purchased per person at the 1st and 2nd breaks
  • Add-ons: $20 for 10,000, $40 for 20,000 or $50 for 30,000 tournament chips
  • Re-donations (re-buy) are allowed until the 2nd break. Players must be eliminated to re-donate.
  • Tournament structure is available Here
  • The tournament and all players will abide by the TFPL Official Rulebook
  • The tournament director is the final authority on all disputes